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No Spin.
No Politics.
Just Science.

Acquainted World is an independent and centralized science communication hub founded by scientists for you. We are dedicated to bringing you accurate, honest, and unbiased science communication. Empowering you with the information you need to make the best decisions for tomorrow.

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What We Do.

How we started.


Acquainted World began as a simple 2017 SnapChat series called Science with Kennen and a dream to introduce people to the wonders of science. As the show grew in popularity and scope so did the dream, from merely sharing science, to using it to help empower people to better understand themselves, their health, and their communities.

Frustrated by the prevelance of misinformation and mistrust that arose throughout the 2020 pandemic, Founder and then-microbiologist Kennen Hutchison set out to work with other passionate scientists to provide the public with accurate, honest, and un-politically-biased science communications to help people feel accurately informed and empowered to make the decisions that were best for them. This group of super science communicators came together to work largely for free with the goal of helping humanity.


As the pandemic slowed down, Kennen recognized that there was still a need for clear and useful scientific communication that came from trusted science communicators unbiased by political or industrial ties. So, he set out to build the world's foremost trusted, independent, and centralized science communication hub. A communications network built by the scientists who care for the people they care about.

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